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14th – 15th May 2022

May we put on a musical weekend in your church?
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Comments on Casting Nets’ weekends:

♫ There are bands that try to make good music, but Casting Nets really succeeds. When they played their opening song “Come Holy Spirit“ I got goose pimples.
Jürgen Mette, Protestant theologian and author of “Everything except Mikado – Life despite Parkinson’s”

♫ Thank you for being at our missionary weekend. It was great fun working with you. You coloured and enriched the missionary weekend with your diversified repertoire. Your modern and spiritual music moved the hearts and was a successful part of the overall concept.
Jürgen Gößl, Inspector of the Westdeutschen Gemeinschaftsverbandes e.V. (West German Community Association) and Deputy President of the Bund evangelischer Gemeinschaften (BeG) (Federation of Protestant Fellowships)

♫ Casting Nets? First of all they are happy, engaged and authentic Christians who are fully there and who give their all  in their concerts or when they organise events. Then they are musicians and, irrespective of whether they play their own or well-known songs, they are creative, funny and original – simply brilliant.
A very encouraging experience!
Christof Lenzen, Pastor FeG Gera and author

♫ Casting Nets’ meditation evening “GS2M” in Bad Nauheim – the atmosphere they created, their music and the meaningful texts formed a harmonious whole.  Despite Corona, those present felt the band’s conviction and warm-heartedness.
Bastin Steinberg, Pastor Gemeinde am Park, Bad Nauheim

♫ I was amazed by your many profound songs, your joy and your positive attitude. I got the impression that the audience felt really touched. I am extremely thankful for the straightforward manner in which the sound-checks and the set up on the stage, etc. were arranged. All this made working together with you a real joy for me. Your positive attitude did us good.
David Solbach, theological worker, Velbert

♫ I entered the church and it was filled with their music. This wonderful atmosphere enabled me to leave behind my previous stress and to arrive in God’s presence. I could come to rest and focus on God. How they concentrate on the texts and the intensity with which they sing show that each member of Casting Nets really believes what they are singing. It was a special evening. Thank you for the praise and worship service that really moved me!
Pastor Klüh, Speaker of the Pastoral Association St Christophorus Maintal – Frankfurt

♫ Once again I really want to thank you for your extremely blessed service in our church. You were a great blessing for us. I have never experienced a band that is so united in singing and making music. Your spiritual impulses also spoke volumes to me!
Heidi Bronnenmayer, Volksmission Donzdorf

♫ We had an inspiring praise and worship evening with Casting Nets. Varied in musical style and expression and with meaningful texts they took us into God’s presence. Thank you! The Sunday service consisted of your own songs mixed with other well-known songs. Again, it was a wonderful event. We thoroughly enjoy your visits!
Sören Sommer, Pastor LKG Bad Vilbel

♫ In Schönblick we celebrated a moving service with Casting Nets to close the Season of Epiphany.
Director Martin Scheuermann

♫ A very friendly group that plays music that is refreshingly different.
Kjb Kitzingen

♫ Casting Nets – brought colour and groove to our weekend. It was a blessed missionary weekend with you and the teens especially enjoyed your music on the Sunday.
Frank Edelmann, Pastor, Bleibergquelle, Velbert

♫ Casting Nets’ song “Come Holy Spirit” opened the evening with Jürgen Mette “Everything except Mikado – Life despite Parkinson’s” – the song gets under your skin. Ben Crane’s band played two more songs that evening. On the Saturday they played several songs from their second CD “Shine for God” and offered us many facets of their musical skill. There were songs with different themes – joy, peace and encouragement – and with totally different musical styles. Liina Theissen’s voice shone out powerfully into the listener’s hearts. In the Sunday service we were inspired by a combination of Casting Nets’ own songs and songs well-known to our church – really inspiring. Thank YOU! God bless you!
Sören Sommer, Pastor LKG Bad Vilbel

♫ I have experienced several evenings of this kind. But the praise and worship with Casting Nets was something extremely special. The profound texts really touched me.
A visitor to Casting Nets’ first praise and worship evening in a Catholic church