Praise and worship

The praise and worship seminar is based on Ben’s book “God I want to worship you!” “Really?” (GTIN-Number: 4018517995322) and can cover the following topics:

♫ What we can learn from David
♫ What we can learn from John the Baptist
♫ How does the band fulfil its responsibilities
♫ The worship band as a group
♫ The worship leader
♫ Choice of songs
♫ Location – The position of the band

You can order the book at ABAKUS:
German version: ABAKUS 93322
English version: ABAKUS 95322


The seminar on sexuality is based on Ben’s handbook “Living our sexuality and relationships according to God’s plan in the 21st century” (ISBN: 978-3-86716-077-3)

♥ The William and Sophia Story
♥ How to treat your partner in the light of the Ten Commandments
♥ Amnon and Tamar
♥ Joseph and a woman, a woman and Jesus, Jesus and you
♥ Living our Sexuality and Relationships

To order the book click here.