Who we are

As committed Christians living in Aalen, Düsseldorf, Mettmann, Oxford (UK), Solingen and Uelzen we founded the band Casting Nets in 2014. In our churches and in jobs, where two of us are professional singing- and breath-, speech- and voice-teachers, we are musically active. We write our own songs and play several instruments.
Our arrangements of traditional and modern Christian tunes reflect our creativity and faith.
Through our music we aim to proclaim God’s love, mercy and power. Our music is characterised by unusual, but catchy melodies, by meaningful Christian lyrics and by a wide musical spectrum.

Our albums can be ordered via the ABAKUS Website. To order our songbooks, please us send an email via the contact form.

To go with our CDs we have a DIN A4 songbook with 39 of Ben’s English and German songs and a 4-part harmony songbook for a mixed choir with 20 songs. Our DIN A5 songbook with 54 songs each in their original language was published in autumn 2017. Since 2017 we have written a yearly children’s song using the German Christian motto of the year – the “Jahreslosung”.