As committed Christians we founded the band Casting Nets in 2014. Our first album LICTYN – Lord I come to you now – was published by ABAKUS in 2015, our second one S4G – Shine for God – in 2016 and our third GS2M – God speak to me – in 2019.  
Our music is characterised by unusual, but catchy melodies, by meaningful Christian lyrics and by a wide musical spectrum. Through our music we aim to proclaim God’s love, mercy and power.

Lord I Come To You Now

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LICTYN is Casting Nets’ first album with catchy melodies and meaningful Christian lyrics. Ben Crane, who lives in Aalen, Germany and was born in London, is the composer and author of all the songs on this album. Ben studied in Scotland and first worked in Dublin – these influences are unmistakable.

If you feel the need to be held in God’s loving and protecting arms or to cast your burdens on Him, this musically varied album invites you to spend time with Him and find rest in God’s presence. If you want to express your love and devotion to Him or to be freshly inspired by the Holy Spirit, let God speak to you through these songs.

Shine For God

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Catchy melodies, a balanced mixture of songs of joy, peace and encouragement combined with well-known bible passages – S4G, Casting Nets’ second album, offers the opportunity to experience God’s empowerment.

The aim of the different songs and musical arrangements in this album is to enable strength to be drawn from encounters with God. May you, being filled with His love, His word and His Spirit, be a light for Jesus in your daily life.

God Speak To Me

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God speaks to us in different ways, but in ways that meet our needs. Casting Nets’ third album GS2M touches on some of the ways in which God speaks to us: through his Word, his Spirit or the 10 Commandments, through a psalm, nature or chance encounters. Be inspired by unusual tunes, the different styles and arrangement of songs and the three Bible readings.


Casting Nets songbook (Din A5)

To go with our CDs we have:
♫ LICTYN songbook (DIN A4) with 39 of Ben’s English and German songs.
♫ 4-part harmony songbook for a mixed choir with 20 songs.
♫ Casting Nets songbook (DIN A5) with 54 songs each in their original language.